11 Places To Describe In A Descriptive Essay: Best Suggestions

There are so many beautiful places in the world to visit that it is difficult to zero in on them. It is almost a privilege to describe these places with passion; something that comes naturally with a descriptive essay.

Presenting full-fledged picture

With descriptive essays, you need to be on the button, sketching out all parameters; including history, cultural importance and structural brilliance of the place. You need to enchant the readers with curiosity and rapture about the beauty of the place.

Herein are 11 beautiful places in the world worth discussing –

  1. The Grand Canyon – This natural canyon is extremely intimidating to those who venture at the top and take a look beneath. You are automatically presented with the vision of death and yet, the natural resonance of the place amazes you.
  2. Pyramids – This is the only structure that finds its place among seven ancient, medieval and modern wonders. The resting places of the pharaohs of yore have such a history behind them and so many apocrypha that you naturally tend to take a look.
  3. Swiss Lakes – Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world; thanks to its lakes. Period!
  4. Great Wall of China – This wall is the only man-made structure visible from the Moon. Enchanting!
  5. Alps – This beauteous range of mountains borders many European countries on the rush. This remains forever ice-capped and is a glorious resort for skiing and hiking trails. Let your essay meander around.
  6. Moscow – You get relics of the Lenin period; then Stalin, Khrushchev regime down to Gorbachev. The Kremlin, The Lubyanka all are worth taking a look. The city is legendary.
  7. African Safari – The scintillating jeep rush you take through the jungles of Africa, laden with lions and other beasts makes your heart skip a beat on many occasions. It gives the essay a romantic disposition.
  8. Taj Mahal – This Indian mausoleum is a wonder piece of structure and appears floating in air when seen from an angle. A place worth going miles to see.
  9. Buckingham Palace – The palace where the Queen of England lives is flush with royalty and mystery. A special scene is the change of guards. Let your essay be regal.
  10. Mt. Kilimanjaro – Most countries in Africa may be seething on most months, but this mountain fascinatingly remains ice-capped round the year. It also attracts many climbers to take a chance.
  11. New York City – The Cosmospolitan city that never sleeps has changed the metrics of living with skyscrapers and sophistication. Your essay will be poised for the posh.

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