A Detailed Manual On Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay About Pure Love

If you are ever tasked with writing a paper on love, there are a few things that need to be considered minutely. In some of the most detailed papers written on the subject, you will find a lot of topics that need to be reflected upon. Also, writing a 3-paragraph essay does not give you too much of room to experiment. Also, the paragraphs cannot be infinitely long. That is a given. Here is a detailed manual that you should look at while composing a 3-paragraph paper on love.

The first paragraph: introduce and define the scope

When writing the first paragraph of the paper, you will have to punch the introduction and the scope of the essay together. Still a lot would need to be covered right in the first paragraph of the paper. To understand the basics here, consider the ideal introduction and scope definition paragraphs you would include in a 5-para paper and then merge the two paragraphs into one. You might have to cut on a few sentences here.

Also, maintain the following in the first paragraph of the paper.

  • Look at the first few lines closely. Talk about the number of topics you are discussing right in the first few lines of the paper.
  • Do not try to include the advanced learning in the first paragraph of the paper.
  • Define the scope in the first paragraph of the paper. Tell the readers what you are going to include in the later chapters of the paper.

The second paragraph: share your thoughts

Your thoughts are important. If you cannot include the thoughts that come naturally to you, read a lot of papers on the subject. Just make sure you do not shy away from including the papers from which you have sought inspiration.

You may also consider looking at the objective definitions of love that are started or inferred in different texts of your choice.

Take the objective route. One paragraph is not enough to identify all that you have to share on a subject. Look at it from several different angles and create your own conclusions.

The third paragraph: explore a spiritual dimension

There is a sort of topical relevance that you may seek to establish within yourself. Check if that has a spiritual dimension. Explore some of the available quotes available in the section. Look at it from a different perspective.

There is a spiritual dimension in every relationship that has love. The third paragraph is the ideal space to explore the same.

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