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Students get to write essays all the time and it can often turn into a struggle if you don't know how to write it and what to include. Every professor is different and they can also expect different things, but you can always use some basic tips which can help you to compose the paper the right way. We know that it can take a lot time and effort to write it, but we also have useful hints that really work when it comes to the writing part.

Main thesis

This is the part where you have to build the main idea or thesis. It should express the response to the essay question and you should be able to discuss it.

Make an outline

You should always make an outline where you will put down the main parts of your paper. You can decide how many paragraphs you will have and what you will include there.

The essay question

In order to answer the essay question properly, you should understand it and analyze. You can check the meaning of an unfamiliar word and you should pay attention to the words „discuss“ or „explain“, or any other word that tells you what you have to do and how you should approach the topic.You should know what you have to write about and what the goal of the paper should be.

The introduction

Make sure that the introduction is catchy and that you write about the problem or question and how you are going to approach it. You should give some background on the topic, so that the reader understands it before moving to the main part and discussion.

4 keys to success

Be creative

You can discuss the topic in a different way. Try to find an unusual point of view for this topic. You can always develop something different in order to impress the professor. Try to use your own words and make it clear.


You should use the paragraphs to structure the information the right way. It is much easier for the reader to understand you when you put every important point in one paragraph, which is made of a few sentences.

Don't repeat sentences

You should not repeat the same facts and statements several times. It is boring and it doesn't make sense. You should think about every sentence and make it unique. If you have to go back to something, try to use the phrase „As I said before“, but make sure to not use it all the time.


If you want the reader to really believe everything you write down, you should support your essay with evidence. It should be convincing and you will definitely gain trust by providing evidence for what you say.