24 Fresh Examples Of Interesting Opinion Essay Topics

Creating and crafting an impressive opinion essay is a daunting task for many students, but before writing choosing a hot topic becomes more intimidating. If the topic is not inspiring, the magnetism of the paper is lost to a great extent. Hence pick an appropriate topic that can create a spark in the readers.

To make the process of selecting an essay easier following list of fresh examples of interesting opinion essay topics can help you greatly. Check them out-

  1. Tell top 10 reasons as in why mini-skirts for girls need to be banned?
  2. Why girls should not be considered as a weak sex?
  3. Why death penalty is an effective strategy to punish the culprits?
  4. Is testing on animals for checking the efficacy of medicines is right? Why? Why not?
  5. Should teenagers be controlled by their parents? Discuss in terms of the hormonal changes and emotional turmoil taking place in their body? Why teenage stage should be handled appropriately?
  6. Discuss why girls should not be allowed to roam around alone late nights?
  7. Which beauty is more important – internal or external? Why?
  8. Is fashion necessary to excel in society? Why or why not? Is simplicity lagging behind fashion?
  9. Moral values are declining in the individuals? Yes or No? Support your answer with evidences.
  10. Is the era of computers making our lives easy or intricate? How?
  11. Should there be any device that could make changes in our past? Will it have more benefits or pitfalls?
  12. Are politicians accountable for causing devastation of our country?
  13. Should textbooks be completely replaced by computers? Why, why not?
  14. Are cell phones a facility or wastage of time? Why?
  15. Should people be allowed to do whatever they want once in an year? Will there be more benefits or losses?
  16. Should students be offered an opportunity to assess their teachers? What will be its after effects?
  17. Is tax deduction system valid? Why, why not?
  18. Should open sex be made legal?
  19. Should gay marriages be made legal?
  20. Should strict laws be reinforced to manage a democratic country?
  21. Why the rape and murder cases increasing? Is wrong constitution responsible for it?
  22. Should there be reservation for supporting the backward castes?
  23. Are nuclear weapons responsible for creating peace or are accountable for causing destruction in the society?
  24. Should there be equal pay system in all democratic countries? Discuss its consequences?

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