5 sources where you can learn how to write an essay

Creative writing has become a necessity that every school and college student must have, in recent times. This is because the syllabi have become very centered around writing essays and this no longer is just applicable for only the students of English or other languages. In almost every discipline, it has become imperative for the students to have an opinion of their own or exhibit some kind of creative reasoning whereby he or she can contribute to the growth and development of that field.

Creative writing classes

This generation has become all about spontaneity. This is why improvisation classes are doing so well. This is very apt for students struggling with properly scripting a well-written essay. Creative writing is like “improv” but for written tasks. In these classes, a topic is, usually, provided and the student is encouraged to write whatever comes to mind, regardless of established norms of writing. This is done to encourage the students to have their own thought process without it being cramped by external influences.

Books for content

Reading books to improve your writing skills does not mean that you need to read specific books on the technicality of writing. While that might help, reading different kinds of books, especially non-fiction ones, will help expand your gamut of knowledge and will help you know about existing theories on different topics. For instance, reading about plays like Lysistrata and Mary Wollstonecraft’s contribution to the aftermath of the French Revolution will help you learn about feminist politics as well as the sociocultural dynamics of prevalent times.

Practice makes perfect

When you are writing essays, you will need some time to get the hang of it, especially when you are expected to jump from one level of writing to the next. In cases like this, the more you write, the better will be your compositions and this will take time. Focus on your mistakes and try to rectify them with every piece you write. Ask a teacher to read a few of them or help you out with your weak areas.

Other sources

There are plenty of sources online that can help you out with your problems with writing, such as:

  • Online archives: There are plenty of sites that store public papers that were published so that they can be accessed later on.
  • Contacting seniors: Contacting helpful seniors actually goes a long way as then you have the added and experienced supervision you need.
  • Teachers: Teachers can easily identify the areas you need to work on as well as instruct you on what is expected in your composition.

Writing Guides

Helpful Sources